Courses for SGHS students

Students will learn the dynamics of the Web environment while pursuing an in-depth study of both Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Web based protocols such as FTP, TCP/IP, and HTTP will be addressed. Students will create a website with tag text elements, special characters, lines, graphics, hypertext links, and graphical tables.

Students will learn to create applications for mobile devices using a variety of commercial and open source software. They will install these applications, modify them, and develop customer service skills to handle user issues. Knowledge and skills related to customer service in professional offices, small businesses, departments, work groups, and corporate information services will be addressed.

Students will learn techniques for transforming photographic images, through use of digital cameras, computers, and mobile devices. To accomplish this, they will learn software photo editing techniques including layering, color correction, masking, and special effects using current commercial and open source programs and applications.

Students will learn to design, develop, and produce interactive media projects, web sites, and social media contexts. Students will demonstrate methods of creating professional quality media using commercial and open source software.

Students will create professional video and audio productions for distribution in traditional and new media channels. Students will plan, produce, edit, and launch media products. Students will develop scripts and storyboards, compose shots and operate cameras, capture sounds using microphone hardware, apply special effect techniques, and edit to achieve the final product. Students will be able to use animation and graphic design for video.