Students will learn principles in basic safety (10-hr OSHA), construction math, hand and power tool are and operation, blueprint reading, material handling, communication and employability skills. An emphasis will be placed on safe and green construction practices.
Students select and use the tools and equipment required for maintaining the safety and sanitation of building environments. Students select and apply methods, chemicals and equipment used to clean and maintain resilient, natural, synthetic and special surfaces. Students perform routine and renovation cleaning activities in both common and special service areas with an emphasis in client satisfaction. Additionally, students follow standard safety practices and procedures.
Students are introduced to the maintenance and management processes used in public buildings and industrial facilities. Students will troubleshoot building and systems issues and provide solutions following applicable procedures and standards. Students will operate and maintain machinery and equipment used in grounds and facilities maintenance tasks. Throughout the course, the safe handling of materials, personal safety, prevention of accidents and the mitigation of hazards are emphasized.