Engineering Technology Courses

A course to prepare students for the CompTIA A+ certification examination.

A course designed to introduce student to Electronic Technology terms and concepts.

This course will introduce students to fundamental engineering concepts and scientific principles associated with engineering design applications. Topics include mechanisms, energy, statics, materials, and kinematics. Additionally students will learn material properties and electrical, control and fluid power systems. Students will learn to apply problem solving, research and design skills to create solutions to engineering challenges.

Students will apply the knowledge and skills necessary to program and operate Robots, using the teach pendant as the main interface point.The students will learn robotic operations and system configurations. Students will code, compile, and debug programs using the robotic programming language.

In this course, students will be introduced to all aspects of computer-integrated manufacturing.  They will learn about robotics and automation, manufacturing processes, computer modeling, manufacturing equipment, and flexible manufacturing systems. 

Students are introduced to the process of combinational and sequential logic design.The system uses a precise sequence of discrete voltages, representing numbers, non-numeric symbols or commands for input, processing, transmission, storage, or display.Engineering standards and methods for technical documentation will also be learned.